The Birthday Door


 It was a stormy night and it was my birthday and we were staying in a hotel me, my brother and sister were all walking down the hall to my parents room to say goodnight since I had my own room and then Nella my sister and Henry my brother were sharing a room and on the way down the hall we saw this door that said birthday door so we decided maybe we should go in since its my birthday so we went in and there was this wonderland with tons of presents and lots of every kind of dessert so we kept going in and all of a sudden… the door slammed right behind us so we tried to open it again but it was locked then this voice came on “this is a game get to the end get the key and come back to this door take as long as you need your real life has stopped”. So  then we got really worried what if there was dangerous stuff in this place but we kept walking and Henry was already looking in all the present boxes and eating the desserts then Nella said “at least we won’t get hungry” and I said “true” so we kept walking and walking until it started getting really dark we came to a gingerbread house so I said “guys grab something comfortable like a giant marshmallow and bring it in the giant gingerbread house then we can use the marshmallow as a bed and go to sleep for the night.

So the next morning we got up and it wasnt that warm good thing we all had sweatpants and a sweatshirt it was five in the morning and all the phones had fully charged over the night like magic there was one problem though when we stepped into the game phone and messages disappeared so we couldn’t get help so we just kept walking in this giant birthday land. 

As we walked we found a giant present that was hollow so it was like a tunnel we started walking through it and all of a sudden a present monster pops out of the wall and we all go “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” then the monster started to chase us but we sprinted very fast and it couldn’t catch us. It was a very tall monster though so the whole time we could see his shadow behind us he was so tall he was at least seven feet tall Henry had gotten so scared that he kept running right out of the tunnel and straight to a gingerbread house that was in sight so me and Nella chased after him and found him in the corner in a ball shaking 

 “I think we should take a break for a little bit here so I can calm down” Henry said in a shaky voice he sounded very scared. 

“Okay” me and Nella said

“It’s 5:00pm already too and the next gingerbread house won’t be for a while so we should just stay here for the night”

“Okay” me and Henry said soon Henry fell asleep but me and Nella couldn’t fall asleep then all of a sudden… the present monster walks past the house and she had kids so we quietly sat there and he walked past but it was really loud and it woke Henry up and we tried to keep him quiet but then he did it he screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and we couldn’t stop him and the monster immediately turned around and it looked hungry so did the kid monsters so we snuck out the back window and quietly sprinted luckily the monsters did not see us then we saw another family but they were human and we told them run the monsters are coming so they sprinted with us we found a giant candy mansion so we went in it and went to the basement so it wouldn’t see us no matter what.

“Who are you” Henry said to the other people 

“We are the Allens I am Josh(the dad) this is Heather (the mom) this is Jules (the oldest daughter) this is Addie (the middle daughter) and this is Kinsley (the youngest daughter)”

“We have been here for three days, how long have you been here?” I asked

“We have been here for three days two I think we might have come here a little before you” Heather said

“Okay” I said

“We should stick together the whole time until we get the key and get back to the door” said Josh 

“Okay” we said so then we all waited and the kids fell asleep except for me and then a little later we heard the monster walking back to his den so we knew we could start walking soon, about half an hour later we started walking and then we went into when we got in the tunnel we started floating “woah” we ll said at the same time it was really cool but it would take us a really long time to get out so we basically pretended like we were swimming and that made us go way faster. We finally made it out after a half hour and we started walking again.

Then we saw a shack with tons of desserts that were not just pieces of candy there was pie,donuts,ice cream,cream puffs all the good desserts so we stopped to get some we all got some ice cream then we saw plastic bags so we grabbed some filled them high with all the desserts but pie and ice cream and put them in the three backpacks we had the we put one pie in a separate bag and put it in one of the backpacks then we left the empty ice cream bowls and kept walking (the ice cream would melt if we brought it).

We walked for about five hours and it was 6:00 so we decided to eat something then hangout and go to bed since we had just come upon another gingerbread house.

In the morning we started off the day by going on a jog then we walked because we got tired we walked for an hour before we found a big wall we could not go around it but there was a latter to go over it so we started to climb and it was very tiring but we finally made it to the top after ten minutes of climbing, then we had to climb down which was way easier then climbing up so it only took us about five minutes. Once we got to the bottom of the wall we saw a sleeping present monster and it was sitting in front of the key so we quietly walked around it and slowly tried to get the key but then the monster started waking up he stood up and looked around luckily we had jumped in the bushes then he went back to sleep so we grabbed the key and quietly ran away and quickly went up the ladder and over the fence “that was close” I said

“Yeah it was” Heather said 

“We should try to get back quickly so we can get out of this place”Josh said 

“Yes please” we all agreed the way back to the door went way smoother and when we got to the door we were all so relieved we went out the door but locked it so nobody else would go in. 

After that everything was back to normal.

                                                                   The End    

Traits of a True Friend


People are hard to read because traits on the outside of someone could be different from traits on the inside of someone. That’s why a true friend is amazing if you know they are caring,encouraging and have common traits but if you don’t know that about someone then they could be really mean and you don’t know it so make sure you know they are caring,encouraging and have common traits. 

Body Paragraph #1

A  true friend should be caring to you and everyone else. Friends should be honest and not lie to you (unless it’s a good surprise) and if your friend is honest you will know they trust you. My friend Addie and we never lie to each other and we are always honest and if we lie it is because of a present or a surprise of some sort because we are true friends. Addie and me do track together and when we really want to quit we always say “let’s do this together” and then we stick with each other the whole time. Friends should also be there for you no matter what and they should look out for you like if someone is being rude or you’re just sad they should always be there for you. My friends Lily and Khloe are always there for me no matter what and I’m always there for them on the bus at school or in public. We are always looking out for each other no matter what. True Friends should  also make sure you’re okay  if you’re sad or if you’re just acting differently they’ll make sure you’re okay. If you are sad then a true friend will make you happy and make sure you are not feeling sad. My friend Maddy sweet always makes sure I’m not feeling sad and she always tells me in a kind way when I’m acting differently.

Body Paragraph #2

A true friend should be encouraging. Friends should be able to give you advice when you need it, like if you’re having trouble with your writing a friend should always be there to read it and give you advice. My friend Cadence is always there to read my writing and she’s always there to help me and she just gives really good advice. A should also be encouraging by having you face your fears, do things you don’t particularly like but at the same time they’re kind about and don’t force you to do it.   They  encourage you to try it because you might like it if you try it. I don’t like heights so once my friend Addie encouraged me to go on the tallest water slide at a water park and it ended up being really fun and I did it over again and again. Another time my friend Maddie encouraged me to go on a really big roller coaster and I  hate roller coasters so much then I went on it and I hated it so much but I did it so I could at least try it. Something me and Maddie always say is “we got this” in a funny way. Another thing friends encourage each other to do are silly things or sometimes you might have a friend that doesn’t like to dance or something then you get them to dance with you and they really enjoy it.     

Body Paragraph #3

A true friend should have similar interests and similar traits. Friends should have similar interests like if you want to go out and have fun you might want to like the same things so everyone has a lot of fun. My friend Addie and I like to hangout outside with each other and we really like to ride bikes and go on hikes together. We also really like to play capture the flag  and sardines outside. (sardines is when one person hides and everyone tries to find that one person that is hiding then you hide with them when you find them) And we like to watch movies together all the time like maybe once a week. Friends should also have common traits and like being kind,loving so friends should be funny so then you have a good group of people to be around all the time. My friends Maddy sweet,Lily,Khloe,Abby,Cadence and Grace are all of my school friends that I hang out with during school and we are normally all together unless some of us are in a different class but during lunch and recess we are normally together. Maddie and I also really love animals so we love to watch animal shows then text each other about them.


I think it’s hard to read people because someone could be very kind on the outside then you get to know them and they’re not really kind on the inside that’s why you have to make sure you get to know someone and you make sure they are caring,encouraging and have common traits because then you know that you have a true friend.

Special Memory

A happy memory that I have is going to Disney world!!! It was Christmas Eve morning and mom and dad told us we should open our presents because on Christmas day we were going to be busy on Christmas. So we opened our presents and got the things kids normally get on Christmas. Then all of us got iPads we were so excited.

Then it was time for the last present and it was pretty small all three of us opened it together and inside were five bracelets with the Mickey mouse head shape on it. We were all so confused and there were words that said your vacation awaits you. We were still confused so mom and dad told us we were going to Disney world for a week. We started freaking out we were so excited then they said we are leaving in three hours to go to the airport go get packed.

We ran upstairs and brought a big huge orange suitcase up and me,Nella and Henry all put our stuff in the suitcase .  Me, Nella and Henry also had airplane backpacks full of snacks, games and we each had our iPad. Our plane rides went really smoothly. We got there a day before our other family members so we stayed in a regular hotel for one night.

Then the next day we got on a big Disney bus and went to Disney world. We were staying in the Nemo resort our hotel room was huge and so was the pool over the week we went to all the parks and it was an amazing experience for all of the kids. And that was our amazing trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!

Learning from home

I think it’s cool but hard at the same time to learn from home because we don’t have awesome teachers to tell us how to do the work. I think it’s also hard to know what to do for work but the awesome teachers marked the papers to make it easier for us it’s still hard.

I like doing paper work so I’m not going to be miserable doing the school. I really  like the schedule the teachers gave us and I’m going to follow that to make it easier for me. My favorite part will most likely be being on a schedule because it never works out when I try to be on a schedule and now I’m actually going to be on a schedule.

I think it’s going to be really hard because on Tuesday I have to catch up on work from Monday and also do the Tuesday work but I think I can get through it but only if I’m really focused and engaged in my work.

I’m really excited to be able to do work from home because I get to be home and not at school but again the downside I don’t have any teachers to help and you know parents they don’t always understand the school work so it can be easy or really hard working from home. Especially with siblings another downside having siblings can be really hard especially when you have to be at home with nothing to do for two weeks no where to to go! It can be really hard for some people with siblings but my siblings are different they are the most annoying siblings in the world especially when they have nothing to do but annoy you it’s the absolute worst thing that could happen and it happened! But I have to deal with it. The bright side is we have school work to do.YAY!(Nella and Henry don’t like school work.)

Train Ride

“Mom what are we doing today?” I said.  “I wasn’t planning on doing anything today but I have a surprise for you and Nella so go get her.”

Five minutes later.  “What’s the surprise? what is it?” Me and Nella said. “Well I and your uncle Kevin and your Nana and Grampy have decided to take you guys, Reeve and Trevor to Boston to see the play, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” Said, mom.

Me and Nella got so excited!  “Are we driving there?” Nella asked.

“No were taking a train there.” Mom said.

The next morning at 4:00 am.  “Girls wake up,” our mom said while walking into our room.

“what time is it mom?”

“4:00 am, “mom said

“What it’s so early?!” Nella said,

“Well we need to be at the train station at 5:00,” mom said so come on get dressed so we can leave and get to the train station on time.

Fine I said and started getting dressed.  Nella sat in bed for another ten minutes then she decided to get dressed after mom yelled at her to get out of bed.  At 4:30 we got in the car and left after we said goodbye to Dad and Henry.  It took 30 minutes to get to the train station we found the rest of the family and we got on the train.

We were almost to Boston after an hour of being on the train we were almost Me, Nella, Trevor, and Reeve were so excited.  We went to the theater at 11:00am and it was so good it was really fun. It was 3 hours long. So it was 2:00 we wanted one of the stuffies they had so our grampy got them for us and they were so cute and I loved mine.

We were so hungry so we went out to eat and got some really good food it was very delicious.  We got on the train at 7:00 pm and got home at 8:00 so we had dinner and went to bed and that was my day!!!   THE END




The Kid

It was a normal day and I was home alone because my family had to go somewhere I didn’t know where they were going.  But I was sick and couldn’t go. I  needed some fresh air it wasn’t very nice outside but I went out anyway all of a sudden… there was this weird kid at the end of my driveway so I ran inside. I was starting to get really scared then I heard a knock at the door I didn’t answer it. I was too scared ten minutes later there was another knock I didn’t want to open the door but I had to so I opened the door nobody was there that made me really scared. Then I heard another knock but it came from the garage door so I opened and no one was there again. So then I looked out the back glass door and saw the same kid I saw before wandering around the backyard I didn’t know what to do so I went and turned off all the lights and hid where I could still see the kid so it seemed like no one was home.

I was also worried about my family because what they were doing was only supposed to take five to ten minutes I looked away from the kid to see how long it had been since my family left, and it had been twenty minutes but I couldn’t worry about that so looked back at the kid. He was gone I crawled to a different window to see if he was in the front yard and he wasn’t I started freaking out because the kid that was in my yard had just disappeared I turned on the lights but stayed hidden. Luckily my family came home fifteen minutes later and I told them all about it.

The End



The Camper!!! 


It was a normal beautiful spring day and the trees and grass were bright green, and I was coming downstairs from just waking up, my whole family was waiting for me on the couch and, my Mom said, “Me and your dad have a surprise for you kids we are going to go pick a camper that we can stay in for the summer while our house starts to get built, then in the winter we’ll move somewhere else for a while so it’s not too cold.” 

“That sounds okay I guess,” Maeve, Nella, and Henry all said at the same time so we got in the car started the forty-five-minutes drive to the camper place so we could get the camper. 

Maeve was a little sad because they were leaving the place she came home to the only place she had ever lived. 

On the way to go get the camper Maeve had a great  idea to stop and get ice cream it took Maeve, Nella and Henry a lot of convincing but, they finally convinced mom and dad to stop and, get ice cream so they stopped at one of the family’s favorite ice cream places and got ice cream and the place they got ice cream had french fries so they got ice cream and fries.  Mom wanted peanut butter cup but they didn’t have it so she got mint chocolate chip instead, Dad got a sundae, Nella got french vanilla, Maeve got mint chocolate chip and Henry also wanted peanut butter cup but sense they didn’t have it he got chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. Then we got back in the car and started going again.




The ice cream cheered Maeve up a little and now she was excited to get a camper but just a little excited not at all a lot excited. 

Finally we got to the camper place and picked one of the biggest campers with bunk       beds and a big queen bed and a small twin bed, the bunk bed for Maeve and Nella, the twin    bed for Henry that also turns into the breakfast nook and the queen bed for mom and dad but picking the camper took a while and when I say I mean a half hour, because they didn’t have very big campers and we got the biggest one and it still was really small. 

Then we went to hitch it up and the trailer hitch wasn’t there dad got really mad for a second because it was his fault that they didn’t have the trailer hitch so we thought and thought what can we do to fix this.

 Finally, dad said “I can call my friend that has a really big truck and a trailer hitch and see if they can come and bring the camper where we want,” so dad called a friend and told him what happened and the whole forgetting the trailer hitch and everything else.

His friend said, “Sure, I can bring my truck and trailer hitch I’ll be there in a half-hour and then I’ll bring it to wherever you want it” 

“Thank you said, Dad.” So my dads friend showed up with his truck forty-five minutes later my dads friend was there then it took twenty minutes to get the trailer all hitched  then he brought our camper next to our grandmothers house in a field near where our house was going to get built which took an hour in all so that means it took an hour to bring it back place it and take off the hitch.  An hour later we started moving the stuff we needed into the camper and the stuff we didn’t need into the storage garage, Maeve found a lot of old stuff she loved that was in the basement when they were moving the stuff.  Three hours later all the stuff was moved it took three hours but it was worth it because soon they would have a very nice house to live in for the rest of their lives.

Finally, at the end of a long long day, we went to our grandmother’s to have dinner because Mom and Dad didn’t feel like cooking which makes sense because it had been a very long and tiring day.      

                                       The End